Erika fell in love with health, fitness, and philosophy at the age of 12 when she started training in martial arts. Growing up and training hard in the dojo set the foundation later in life for her to pursue her dream job as personal trainer, nutrition and lifestyle coach.

In her younger years, Erika had a very successful competition record in karate tournaments. Since 2010 she has competed in both figure and bikini competitions., through the INBF and the NPC.  This year she looks forward to training for her first triathlon sprint and has her eyes set on a Spartan race.   She balances out her training with restorative practices of yoga, tai-chi, and meditation. Her favorite activities are karate, ju-jitsu, boxing, weight lifting, hiking, biking, and yoga. Erika loves preparing delicious and healthy food and thrives on plant-based diet.

Erika started EPower Living in 2008. EPower Living takes a strong, yet holistic approach to fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle coaching. Energize – Empower- Evolve!


National Academy of Sports Medicine, CPT

National Personal Training Institute, CPT

Cornel University, Certified Plant-Based Nutrition Coach

Spencer Institute, Corporate Wellness Coach & Holistic Life Coach

USA Ju-Jitsu Federation, Black Belt

Kwanmukan Karate, Black Belt


Weight loss, strength and conditioning, lifestyle magagement

Whole food, plant-based diet transformations

Stress reduction through Reiki, Tai- Chi, & mindfulness meditation

Self defense and awareness for woman and teens

Natural healing herbal consultant through Nature’s Sunshine